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Frequently Asked QuestionsAll the questions you have, we have answers to here.
It’s simple! Search or browse the shop for a gift you want to give, select a product and make the purchase as if you are making the purchase for yourself.
Zzan is everything gifting! You can send a gift from our infinite list of products to anyone (We are currently only supporting the US).
Orders are processed on case by case basis, so we're happy to let you know once your order is picked up by a merchant.
Yes! We will notify you that the recipient has opened the gift via the phone number you have provided.
The recipient will be given 3 days to accept the gift. If the recipient fails to accept the gift in time, the purchase will be refunded.
Yes. You get fully refunded for unaccepted gifts.
The shipping cost will vary based on the recipient’s shipping address. Users should acknowledge that the shipping cost to Alaska and Hawaii will be greater than standard. We do not ship internationally at this time.
Sometimes banks decline purchases over a certain size to protect your account from fraudulent activity. As a result, you might see a ‘payment failed' statement on your purchase. To reduce the chance of failure, please double-check that the zip code of your billing address matches the zip code you have on file for your card. If your payment still fails, please give your bank a call to authorize the payment and try again.
Yes, we're using the latest technology to make sure your payments are secure. All payments are processed via Stripe(certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the best in class security for online payments). Your information is private. For more info, please read our Privacy Policy.
Pay however you’d like! We currently accept all major credit and debit cards via Stripe (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).
We do a temporary authorization on your card during the checkout process to ensure everything is good to go. The charge to your card will be finalized when the order is completed (When the recipient accepts the gift and enters the shipping address).
We will send you a receipt to your messenger, so please make sure we have your current phone number on file. Anytime you need to access to your receipt in the future, it will be available on your Profile page.
Our team tries to ship orders as quickly as possible. Because of this, we ask that you please make changes to your order before you deliver the message or link to the recipient. Please escalate your order through your Profile page. If it has already been sent to the recipient yet you really want to cancel the order, we'll look into the order and try to do what we can.
Due to the unique nature of gifting, we do not accept returns and exchanges at the moment. The recipient’s decision when they accept the gift is the final and returns or exchanges are unavailable.
Don’t panic! You can quickly go to your orders and re-generate the link. The recipient of the original link wouldn’t be able to accept the gift or even know what the gift was that you sent.
When the product is out of stock, we notify the gift sender before the recipient opens the gift and its 100% refunded. If the recipient opens the gift when the product goes out of stock, we notify the recipient that the product if out of stock and provide the recipient with alternative choices and a choice to get the product fully refunded (the refund will go to the gift sender)
We work with many small merchants and love empowering them as small business just as much as we love hiring passionate experts. That being said, shipping can sometimes be a little slower than other websites. Generally, getting your item will take 7-10 business days, unless you hear otherwise.
You can find updates from the link shared by the gift sender.
This usually means that the merchant has created a label but the shipping company hasn't processed it yet. If this happens, wait few hours and hopefully your number will update. If you've waited a while, or you notice something else is wrong with tracking, please let us know. We'll check on the order as soon as possible for you!

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